Going Up The Mountain

Well, not quite…

My Dearly Beloved and I have just returned from Pallotti College, a retreat in the foothills around Mt Donna Buang in Eastern Victoria.  The College was originally built as a seminary for the Pallotine Order, but has long been used as a spiritual retreat and conference centre – a task for which it is more than adequately suited, given its beautiful location and peaceful atmosphere. Continue reading “Going Up The Mountain”

The Suffering Servant: Two Lent Reflections

Similar to the Advent reflections which I talked about in a previous post, the North Ringwood Uniting Church has produced a booklet of Advent reflections to provide the congregation with reference points for prayer and contemplation during the season of Lent.

So, for your edification, I reproduce the two short contributions which I made to this year’s Lent booklet.  As with the Advent reflections, each article begins with a Scriptural passage and concludes with a prayer. Continue reading “The Suffering Servant: Two Lent Reflections”