Luke 23: 33-44

A few years ago, the pop singer Joan Osborne released a song called One Of Us.  It was a song which wondered whether or not God had a name, or if seeing God’s face was conditional on believing in a range of other things, such as saints and angels and prophets.  And in its rather remarkable chorus, the song posed the question of what things would be like if God was the “one of us” of the title; or, in the song’s own words, just a “slob” or a bus-riding “stranger” looking for a way home. Continue reading “Luke 23: 33-44”

“The Victim” – A Short Play

PRESCRIPT:  Now that I have completed my formal theological studies, I thought I would share with you one of the few assessment projects that I was able to undertake as a creative piece.  It’s a short play entitled “The Victim” and was inspired by two sources.  The first was Walter Bruggemann’s exegesis of Genesis 32: 22-32, published in the Interpretations series of Biblical commentaries (Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1982).  The other was a tapestry entitled “Israel” by Tamar Fishman and Pat Jones (Bethesda: Temple Beth El, 1997), which depicts Jacob wrestling with God.  (The image of the tapestry can be located at the Temple Beth El’s website, here – it’s the second image; you need to scroll down to find it.) I was in particular struck by Bruggemann’s notion of blessing as a kind of wounding, and the tapestry strongly suggested the element of dancing, which subtly subverts the notion of wrestling so that it is not so much about contention as engaement.  I also wanted to explore the dark and often overlooked/misunderstood humour that is frequently a part of the Old Testament.  Anyway, I hope I have done both justice and that you get something from this.  Enjoy. Continue reading ““The Victim” – A Short Play”