The Church, the Media, and Discrimination: A Reflection

On the 13th February 2011, The Age newspaper in Melbourne ran an article by Melissa Fyfe entitled “Religious Groups to Regain Bias Rights”.  This article reported on moves by the newly elected Coalition government in Victoria to restore to religious organisations the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians, single mothers, and persons of different spiritual beliefs, by refusing such persons employment and/or the delivery of services on the grounds that the “lifestyles” of such persons undermines the religious beliefs of the organisation in question. Continue reading “The Church, the Media, and Discrimination: A Reflection”

Matthew 5: 21-37

In his book Heretic, the Scottish minister Peter Cameron records that, during his time as Principal of St Andrews College in Sydney, he fell into a conversation with the Principals of other university colleges from around Australia, most of whom complained bitterly about the behaviour of the students whom they had taken on as boarders.  One of the Principals from an all-male college, however, boasted that he had no such problems, because he had laid down three strict and vigorously enforced rules: an early curfew; no female visitors, and no alcohol.  In other words, no wine, women, or song. Continue reading “Matthew 5: 21-37”

Matthew 5:13-20

I recently read a book which contained a story about a professor of physics who told his class that, because of the discoveries made in the field of quantum physics in the 20th and 21st centuries, the classical physics inherited from Sir Isaac Newton were now entirely redundant.  No matter how much the students objected, the professor insisted that the laws of physics discovered by Newton were oppressive and patriarchal, the product of an imperialist society in which white males were privileged over all other people.  Quantum physics, the professor insisted, had discovered a truth about the universe that modern thinkers had already applied to human society: that all were free, random, and unpredictable.  The ancient laws of Newtonian physics, with their certainties and absolutes, were old hat. Continue reading “Matthew 5:13-20”