Matthew 16:13-20

In recent weeks, I have been preaching exclusively from the Old Testament, despite the fact that the lectionary for this period has contained well-known readings and parables from Matthew’s Gospel. Some of you may be wondering why. Do I have something against Matthew’s Gospel? Am I avoiding these well-known – and, some might argue, well-worn! – passages because I feel I have nothing new to say about them? Or is it simply that I have a preference for the Old Testament? Continue reading “Matthew 16:13-20”

Genesis 32: 22-31

George Bernard Shaw once said that dancing was only a crude attempt to get into the rhythm of life. And for those of us for whom the art of dancing remains a mystery, Shaw’s statement has real meaning. For in dancing we see an activity which thousands can seemingly do at the drop of a hat – and yet, which, for those with two left feet, remains an excruciating exercise in embarrassment and inelegance. Continue reading “Genesis 32: 22-31”