My New Blog

I have started a new Blog on WordPress entitled Speculations: Thinking Out Loud about the Bible, Theology, and Faith.

Why have I done this? Not, I assure you, because I am shutting down this Blog – The Still Circle will continue on.  Instead, my reasons are set out in the introductory post for my new Blog.  So if you like what you read and want to know more, then be assured, I am preparing entries as I type (well, not right now obviously) and will be posting them in the near future.  And, of course, if you subscribe, you’ll receive notifications as the posts happen, instead of having to flick over to see if I’ve posted anything new.



Ordination Statement

PRESCRIPT:  My ordination as a Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church in Australia took place on the evening of Friday 14th October, 2011, at North Ringwood Uniting Church.  As part of the ordination service, the ordinand is required to give a (very) brief statement about their call to ministry.  Given the brevity of this statement, the brief given to the ordinand is necessarily impossible: no such statement can possibly due justice to the complexity and depth of that call.  All the ordinand can hope to do is give their audience a taste of why the feel called to the ordained ministry, and the shape of the ministry to which they feel called.  This is my statement.

In preparing for this service, I was informed that the narration of steps which you have just heard is the “what” of the process that leads to ordination; and that the presentation by the ordinands is the “why” of that process: why I am here tonight, why I feel called to ministry, why I have put myself forward for ordination. Continue reading “Ordination Statement”