By An Image Defined

As the end of the 2015 calendar year approaches, I have been thinking about everything that has gone on in the world over the last twelve months, everything that has happened in my life in that time, and everything in between.  Like all years, 2015 has been a full year: full of heartache and joy, full of tragedy and grace, full of elevated nobility and awful baseness.  And in between all these highs and lows have been a plethora of “ordinary” days, when the simple joy of merely being alive, and the quiet pleasures of reading a book or listening to music, have competed with the busyness of daily life, the demands of ministry, and the tricky complexity of human relationships. Continue reading “By An Image Defined”

Christmas Sermon 2015

One of a minister’s jobs on Christmas Day is to explain Christmas Day to those who have gathered to celebrate the event.  But I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to let the internet do the explaining.  So I’d like you to watch this:

Continue reading “Christmas Sermon 2015”

Luke 1: 39-56

I have to admit that I haven’t done a lot of preparation for today’s sermon.  In part that’s because I frankly haven’t had time: between preparing various Christmas services, attending various meetings, making time for my family commitments, and also attending to one or two health issues that have cropped up in my life recently, the only so many hours in a day that I have at my disposal simply haven’t stretched far enough.  Under these circumstances, thinking about and writing a sermon is ordinarily difficult enough.  But especially in recent days, I have found it hard to concentrate on work because of the crippling heat.  Continue reading “Luke 1: 39-56”

Luke 1: 57-79

We have nothing to fear except fear itself.

I recently watched a documentary about the life of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the American President who led his nation through the Great Depression and much of World War II.  At the time of his inauguration, America, like most of the industrialised world, was in the depths of the Great Depression; since the stock market crash in 1929, whole industries had shut down, throwing millions of people out of work.  Everywhere was stagnation, unemployment, poverty, suffering; and worst of all, it seemed endless, without any hope on the horizon, without any relief in sight. Continue reading “Luke 1: 57-79”