Old Death and New Life: An Easter Sermon

Earlier this week, I read an article entitled “Why So Many Christians Skip Holy Week”[1].  I was immediately struck by the title itself: it wasn’t “Why So Many People Skip Holy Week”, but “Why So Many Christians Skip Holy Week”. Continue reading “Old Death and New Life: An Easter Sermon”

John 12: 1-8

Signs and portents.  Through this whole season of Lent – and even beforehand – I have been talking to you about signs and portents: about things that point to other things that point to God.  The Gospel narratives are full of such signposts.  They may not be immediately obvious, but they are there nonetheless, pointing and showing the way toward the Kingdom of God.  And in today’s reading from The Gospel According to John, we have another such passage – indeed, one which is bursting with directional indications that direct us toward what is coming. Continue reading “John 12: 1-8”