John 13: 31-35

Last week, I spoke to you about the faithful and trustworthy love of God; and I used Psalm 23 as the framework through which to explore this theme.  And I also a couple of videos to further illustrate my point: one was the song Rain by the American rock band Creed; and the other was an exposition on Psalm 23 by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.  The former I suggested to you was, in many ways, a modern rendition of Psalm 23; and the latter utilised Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi’s knowledge of the original Hebrew in which the Psalm was written to explore some facets and aspects of the Psalm which we perhaps overlook or ignore. Continue reading “John 13: 31-35”

Psalm 23

At the beginning of today’s service, I played a video of the song Rain by the American rock band Creed; and I asked you to pay attention to the imagery in both the video and in the lyrics. I suspect different people saw and heard different things; but for myself, let me briefly state what I discerned from the music and visual imagery. Continue reading “Psalm 23”

John 21: 1-19

The Australian novelist Morris West wrote an acclaimed trilogy of books set in the Vatican, involving the politics and the goings-on in the lives of the people who live there.  Unsurprisingly, this series was known as the Vatican Trilogy; and it’s first instalment was a novel entitled The Shoes of the Fisherman.  Now, this reference to a “fisherman” is a reference to the Pope himself; and it has been a longstanding tradition for the Pope to be known, among other things, as the “fisherman of Christ”.  Continue reading “John 21: 1-19”